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About Sapien Wallet

We created Sapien Wallet because its about time the world had an application that allows everyone to use cryptocurrency in day-to-day payments. It is also Sapien Wallet’s goal to bridge the gap of distrust among humans with the Sapien Rating, allowing people to accelerate the speed in which they build trust.

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The Sapien Rating

As mentioned before, it is Sapien Wallet’s goal to bridge the gap of distrust among humans. We plan to achieve this goal with the Sapien Rating. The Sapien Rating will be calculated from rating data given by users after a transaction has concluded, we call this the ‘post transaction data.’

The Sapien Rating will become the first intuitive human rating platform of its kind, providing our users with the most legitimate and trustworthy rating data available. With this, we will make it easier and quicker than ever to establish a trusting relationship, which is the bedrock of human interaction.


Spend your crypto in day-to-day payments with absolute ease. We have made buying a cup of coffee with your crypto as simple as pressing a few buttons on your smart phone.

Fast and Simple

Send money to friends, family, businesses, merchants and anyone else who has a wallet in a matter of seconds. Enter their wallet address, the amount you wish to send then send!


None of our user data is stored on any centralized server. No one, not even us, can access your data except you, the user. No government or any other third party will be able to access your data either, making us an excellent choice for data privacy.


Sapien Wallet does not have an invasive KYC policy that requires you to submit any private or sensitive information in order to open an account, that is YOUR data. The only information we require from you is your mobile phone number to create your Sapien Wallet account.

Trustworthy Rating System

Sapien Wallet calculates your Sapien Rating from user rating data collected after a transaction has concluded. This ‘post-transaction’ data is then stored on our distributed network, meaning the data is tamper-proof and as legitimate as can be.
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How to send crypto using Sapien Wallet

Choose from contacts

Select the person from your contacts who you wish to send crypto to

Choose amount

Choose the amount of crypto you wish to send.

Press send button

Press send and within 15 seconds, you will have sent that amount.