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Why Sapien
deserves your trust


All post-transaction rating and review data is stored on a distributed network to prevent bias and tampering

No KYC Policy

Sapien does not require our users to submit any documents or personal information to begin using our application

Sapien Rating

User ratings and review data will be collected only after a transaction has concluded, and used to calculate a numerical value to indicate a person's level of quality and trustworthiness


Sapien is specifically designed for mass use and therefore we have worked tirelessly to make it incredibly easy and simple for anyone to use
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Sapien’s mission is to:
Create a truly decentralized, user-friendly light wallet application.
Promote it for mass use so that cryptocurrencies can be spent in day to day use.
Bridge the gap of distrust among humans with the Sapien Rating, which is based on post-transaction data.
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About Sapien Wallet
We created Sapien Wallet because its about time the world had an application that allows everyone to use cryptocurrency in day-to-day payments. It is also Sapien Wallet’s goal to bridge the gap of distrust among humans with the Sapien Rating, allowing people to accelerate the speed in which they build trust.
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The Roadmap

Our roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

11th MAY 2020

Android application MVP launch

30th AUG 2020

Android application Alfa-launch

30th SEP 2020

iOS application Alfa-launch

23th NOV 2020

Android & IOS applications RC1 launch

28th DEC 2020

Android & IOS applications RC2 launch